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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Disney Unveils Details for New “Disney Treasure” Cruise Ship

 by Beth Keating



September 5, 2023


Disney often gets kudos for the level of service on its cruise line, and today (September 5, 2023), Captain Minnie and friends shared some of the fun features for their new ship – but not quite all of the details cruisers were waiting for.  Disney is celebrating its 25th anniversary of cruising this year, and the Disney Treasure is the 6th ship to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet. It’s also the sister ship to last year’s launched Disney Wish, and the second of the three ships in the Triton class.  

Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

The Treasure will set sail in December 2024 with longer seven-night itineraries to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Port Canaveral, Florida.  The booking window opens September 20, 2023, though, so you won’t have long to wait to start planning your trip.   (Early booking for Castaway Club members begins as early as September 12.)

To help kick-off their journey to ship’s launch, Disney dropped a virtual reveal of some of the ship’s details online this morning.  We were getting some serious S.E.A. (Society of Adventurers and Explorers) vibes with this video introduction, helmed by the newly imagined explorer “Arthur Quinn.”  And certainly the S.E.A. feel fits right in thematically to the Disney Treasure.


The video tour begins in Arthur Quinn’s study, a definite call out to the Adventurers’ theme, and Arthur receives a map (helpfully shaped like a ship!) that encourages him to follow various character-shaped clues to uncover some of the new details of the ship.  (Since the Treasure is still under construction in Germany, most of the visuals are from artist renderings, but they’re shockingly realistic.)


The Disney Treasure honors Walt Disney’s love of travel and adventure, and becomes a gathering place for some of the characters most associated with the spirit of adventure. Think of Aladdin, for example, who just happens to be joining Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet as the focal point of the Grand Hall.  (Captain Hook and Peter Pan are on the stern of the ship.)

Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Among the newly revealed dining options on board is the “Skipper Society,” a Jungle Cruise-themed watering hole complete with punny jokes told by Jungle Cruise Skipper-esque cast members.  (Look for the monkey-shaped chandelier.)  The Treasure will also be home to a brand new venue called the “Periscope Pub,” the first venue inspired by the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Watch out for the giant squid in this “under the sea” Jules Verne-branded space with submarine décor and artifacts.

Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Restaurants are a big deal on board cruise ships, and Disney Treasure will bring Santa Cecilia to life from the Disney/Pixar movie Coco at the new “Plaza de Coco.” It will give diners the feel of being in the middle of a great big family celebration in the plaza, with lots of music to enliven your “theater-in-the-round” dining experience.  Live performances tell the story of Miguel and his family in two different versions over the course of your sailing. 


As on the Disney Wish, there will also be a version of the “Avengers: Quantum Encounter” at the Worlds of Marvel restaurant during the rotational dining, this time with a Spider-Man appearance. More details will be released at a later time.

The Wish’s popular “1923” restaurant, named for the year The Walt Disney Studios was founded, will grace the Treasure as well, providing storyboards, sketches and props from various adventure-themed Disney films to create an elegant Hollywood atmosphere in the room.

French cuisine at “Enchanté,” and  the Beauty and the Beast-themed “Palo Steakhouse,” both from the Disney Wish, will be claiming space on the Treasure as well.


Looking for desserts?  A new dessert venue is themed to Zootopia, and called “Jumbeaux’s Sweets.” It will serve up scoops of specialty ice cream and 20 different flavors of gelato!

“Heihei Café,” named after Moana’s rooster, and “Jade Cricket Café,” named after Mulan’s cricket, will be supplying snack and coffee-shop walkup options for guests.


The Walt Disney Theater will be hosting two shows from previous ships, the “Beauty and the Beast” live performances, and “Disney Seas the Adventure” with a host of Disney characters showing off.  A third, new Broadway-style stage show will be announced at a future date.


The ship will also have the 760 foot-long AquaMouse water coaster ride, and in addition to the Mickey Mouse animated shorts introduced on the ride on the Disney Wish, this AquaMouse will debut a new story, the “Curse of the Golden Egg.”


If you prefer your entertainment on the drier side, the Disney Treasure carves out a space called “Sarabi,” drawing its name from The Lion King.  This savannah-styled entertainment area will host daytime activities such as games for the whole family, but will cross over to more adult-exclusive live entertainment at night.


The Oceaneer’s Club will also make an appearance on the new ship, with activities aimed at children ages 3-12. It’s where you’ll find  things like the Marvel Super Hero Academy, Imagineering Lab, Fairytale Hall, and Star Wars: Cargo Bay.  Vibe and Edge will be there, too, to offer up tween and teen-geared entertainment.


When you are ready to head to bed, you’ll have a wide variety of options from which to choose. The biggest and best will be the EPCOT-inspired “Tomorrow Tower Suite” with 2,000 square feet of space, set in the forward funnel of the Disney Treasure. It sleeps eight guests and has a full kitchen and private ensuite elevator. Did we mention the stunning two-deck high window?

Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Not quite ready to fork over that much money for the week?  Maybe you’d rather opt for one of the 1,256 staterooms, or the concierge suites with private sundecks. There’s room for 4,000 passengers on board the Treasure!

The virtual detail drop was a fun and creative peek at some of the new offerings for the Disney Treasure, and you can get a closer look at it here while you wait for Disney Cruise Line to share the rest of the news about the newest ship in the fleet. You can find more details, sailing dates, and deck layouts on the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Treasure page.




Beth Keating is a theme parks, restaurant and entertainment reporter for DisneyBizJournal.

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