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Monday, February 4, 2019

Boost Creativity with Ray Keating's Book/Tool: The Realistic Optimist TO DO List & Calendar

Anytime is the right time to get organized, and become more productive and creative. The Realistic Optimist TO DO List & Calendar 2019 from Ray Keating is the right tool to help, and the price has been slashed from $27.99 to $19.99.

The thumbs-up keep rolling in. The Lutheran Book Review declares, “This is a desk reference and encourager... Each page has a 2019 date, a quote, and spaces for your daily TO DO list. After the author's introduction of encouragement, there is an Annual TO DO Goal page. Special monthly pages help you keep on task toward your goals. Special weekly pages help you keep track of priorities for each week. I, too, am a realistic optimist. Want encouragement to keep on task in 2019? Get organized and make things happen with Ray Keating's 'The Realistic Optimist TO DO List and Calendar.'"

And Jim Blasingame, host of The Small Business Advocate Radio Show, observes: “It’s a hit around here... I think you’ll like it.”

The Realistic Optimist TO DO List & Calendar 2019 offers a simple, systematic combination of long run, weekly and daily TO DO lists that make a real difference in getting things done. For good measure, each page includes a quote from a leader or thinker that in some way reflects being a realistic optimist – providing inspiration, giving pause to think, helping you move ahead, generating a laugh, or eliciting agreement or a roll of the eyes.

A 5-star Amazon review declares, “It's clear and simple to use, not like one of those organizers where you have to practically have a degree in how it works. I started entering things in that I know I have coming up next year, and I'm looking forward to January! I have always thought of myself as a realistic optimist, too, and I'm glad to find this resource.”

And a Facebook reviewer says: “The inspirational quotes are well chosen. All of my to do lists in one place.” Go to

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