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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Spidey Back in MCU Quicker Than Anticipated?

by Ray Keating
August 22, 2019

In my previous report, I wrote: “Call me a crazy optimist, but I  don’t think Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite news that Spidey’s out and the Internet is freakin’ out.” I expected it might be “a rough road,” but that both Disney and Sony had every incentive to make it happen.

Well, rumors are flying that it might happen by this weekend – at least according to a report from ComicBookNews.com. That site is saying that rumors are flying that Disney has offered Sony a deal featuring a 6-picture deal with Holland, with an option for a seventh – four Spider-Man films and two Avengers movies – with Marvel at the helm of the films, and co-financing as well, for a 30 percent take (down from Disney’s rumored demand for 50 percent) In addition, Marvel would do the same for SpiderVerse live action spinoffs, while Sony would be able to do live-action SpiderVerse for television.

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