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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Daily Dose of Disney with Stan Lee, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Captain America and More!

Episode #319: Stan Lee on Challenges – Marvel legend Stan Lee makes us ask the key question about challenges.

Episode #320: Mary Poppins on Adventure – Can we follow Mary Poppins on an adventure in our businesses and careers?


Episode #321: Iger on Chronic Indecision – Former Disney CEO Bob Iger talks indecision, with Ray Keating adding thoughts on establishing trust on decision-making.


Episode #322: Winnie the Pooh on the Journey – Winnie the Pooh talks experience over problems.


Episode #323: Walt Disney on Being a Team Player – Walt Disney expected less ego and more collaboration from his people.


Episode #324: Captain America on Leadership and Humility – Captain America was “just a kid from Brooklyn,” and that’s a good tip for entrepreneurs and managers.


The “Daily Dose of Disney with Ray Keating” podcast serves up a Disney or Disney-related quote each day, with DisneyBizJournal’s Ray Keating offering brief, additional thoughts on how each dose ties in to life, career, business, entrepreneurship, creativity, storytelling, work, or just plain fun.

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