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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Walt Disney, Little Red Riding Hood, Bankruptcy and Beyond!

by Chris Lucas
Guest Column
July 29, 2020

Walt Disney’s very first full length (more than a minute long) cartoon - Laugh-O-Grams' Little Red Riding Hood - was released on this day in 1922.

Source: Top Disney

Walt was only 20 years old, but he taught himself the basics of animation by reading library books and established a film studio - Laugh-O-Grams - in Kansas City. His first big commission was for the Newman Theatre. 

Little Red Riding Hood took six months to make. Walt wrote, produced and directed it, while Rudolph Ising did most of the animation with him.

In all, seven full length cartoon fairy tales were made by Laugh-O-Grams before the company went bankrupt in 1923.

Source: Top Disney

Walt didn’t let the failure and doubters deter him, though. He used that “kick in the teeth,” as he put it, to spur him on to bigger and better things. He got on a train to California and never looked back.


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