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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Tokyo Disney to Curtail Hours and Park Admissions Amidst COVID-19 Rise

 by Beth Keating



January 9, 2021


In response to recommendations from government health officials, and amidst rising COVID-19 numbers, Oriental Land Company, the owners of Tokyo Disneyland, have cut back park hours for the remaining weeks of January by closing the parks earlier in the evening, adding that “park opening time may vary depending on the day.”

Courtesy of Tokyo Disney Resort

In addition, beginning January 9 until February 7, 2021, ticket sales have been suspended, and the number of guests admitted to the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks will be limited. The Tokyo Disneyland website notes that at both Disneyland and DisneySea, “Attractions, entertainment, shops, and restaurants will operate with reduced capacity or will be closed.”


Guests holding current tickets will still be permitted to visit the parks, with health and safety guidelines in place. According to Tokyo Disneyland, “Based on the state of emergency announced by the Japanese government and requests from local authorities, sales of Park tickets for admissions on or after January 9 will be temporarily suspended as we set up our ticket sales system. An announcement will be made on this [Tokyo Disneyland] website when Park ticket sales become available again. Guests who have already purchased tickets, made reservations, or have been successful in the Park admission lottery at this time will be able to enter the Park.”


Restaurant availability may also be affected by these changes. Disney advises, “Due to the change in operating hours for restaurants, you may not be able to use your Priority Seating eligibility even if booked in advance. We will send an email to Guests who are affected by the change.” Changes to dining reservations will be impacted through at least February 7.


The Resort has cancelled their nightly fireworks shows as well, and the new “Happy Fair with Baymax,” originally scheduled to start January 13, will also be postponed.


Currently, there is a travel ban in place, preventing non-resident foreign travelers from entering Japan. Residents arriving in Japan must also undergo a two-week quarantine upon arrival, and show proof of negative COVID test results.


Tokyo Disneyland reopened July 1 after earlier COVID-19 closures in February, and was one of the first parks to bring back fireworks shows, parades, and traditional character meet-and-greets.


For up-to-date announcements on ticket sales and park closures, head to the Tokyo Disneyland webpage.




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