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Friday, May 6, 2022

Check Out the Latest Daily Dose of Disney Episodes

The “Daily Dose of Disney with Ray Keating” podcast serves up a Disney or Disney-related quote each day, with DisneyBizJournal’s Ray Keating offering brief, additional thoughts on how each dose ties in to life, career, business, entrepreneurship, creativity, storytelling, work, or just plain fun.

Recent episodes include...

Episode #352 – Tell Your Business Story Like Walt – Walt Disney was a storyteller for the ages. But we all have a story to tell, including related to our work.


Episode #353 – Walt Disney’s Line Not to Cross – Walt Disney had a line he wouldn’t cross in his humor, and he likely considered his audience in drawing that line.


Episode #354 – Leadership is Expansive – Disney’s Lee Cockerell talks about leadership, and how expansive it needs to be.


Episode #355 – Agent Carter’s Jarvis on What Can Be Accomplished – Here’s a bit of wisdom from Agent Carter’s Jarvis and Ray Keating on what can be achieved, and why help is needed.


Episode #356 – Star Wars Lucas and Finding What You’re Good At – George Lucas advises people to find what you excel at and enjoy.


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