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Monday, June 10, 2019

Coronado's Three Bridges Bar & Grill Opens Ahead of Schedule

by Beth Keating
June 10, 2019

Yessssss!  Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa del Lago at Disney’s Coronado Springs had a surprise ribbon cutting and grand opening today!

You can catch the ribbon cutting with Rob at “Passport to the Parks” below (big thanks to Rob!):

Rob has been covering the progress of the eatery over the past few weeks, and we were excited to see this gorgeous spot open ahead of its projected July schedule.  Rob live-streamed the ribbon cutting, and was literally the first diner through the doors to show off the eatery.  His video will give you a nice overview of Three Bridges, and cast member Jaimie gives Rob (and thus, us!) a knowledgeable rundown of the menu highlights, as well as pointing out what makes some of the selections unique. 

Several of the dishes bring in influences from various cultures, with contemporary twists. House-made sangrias and Spanish coffees also are highlights of the new menu.  

Three Bridges has a unique location in the middle of Lago Dorado, the centerpiece lake at Coronado Springs. The spot will certainly give diners a visual treat, whether you attend during the daytime and enjoy the fantastic vistas of the southwestern style resort, or relax in the covered outdoor seating in the evening with the sparkling lights reflecting off the water. (Speaking of lights, we especially love the striking lanterns hanging in the bar area.) 

There also is a spectacular stone fireplace in the restaurant, and comfortable sofa style seating.  You can get to the restaurant – you guessed it - by strolling the bridges over the lake.

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