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Friday, June 7, 2019

It’s National Donut Day, Including at Disney!

by Beth Keating
June 7, 2019

Who knew?  Today (June 7th) is National Doughnut Day, and in celebration, we thought we would highlight a few of the new and unique doughnuts in the Disney ‘verse.

Not long ago, Disney debuted a very pink mouse ears headband, featuring the iconic ears styled as the cult favorite pink-sprinkled doughnuts. They were a “tip of the hat” to the original pink doughnut, but we suspect they are also an homage to the newer, GIGANTIC, bigger-than-your-whole-hand-maybe-as-big-as-a-child’s-head newer Mickey Celebration Doughnuts. Available in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry frosting at either the Lunching Pad or Cheshire Café in Magic Kingdom, these feed-a-whole family treats are only $8.99, and are so large they come in their own box for transport. A white doughnut with pink, white or brown frosting and rainbow sprinkles, these selections are a limited-time offering.  The creation is actually three doughnuts in one – one large central doughnut for Mickey’s head, with two smaller doughnuts attached to the top for Mickey’s ears.

In honor of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland (California) also introduced a stunningly Instagram-worthy Star Wars themed doughnut.  A white doughnut with purplish, berry-swirl frosting, this is decorated with chocolate “rocks” that sparkle with iridescent color, and a white chocolate 3-D molded version of either R2-D2 or an X-wing fighter. They are available at the Grand Californian Hotel for $5.50, and are also a limited time offering.

Epcot has its own doughnut-cult offering in the form of the Croissant Doughnut.  Formerly found at Taste Track, it is currently available at the Electric Umbrella (since Taste Track is typically only open during Festivals). Look for it to potentially move back to Taste Track during Food and Wine Festival, but for now you’ll be handing over your $5.59 at Electric Umbrella. These lightly flaky renditions are usually topped with cinnamon sugar, but sometimes have a themed frosting reflective of the particular festival at hand.  

Just a hint, but since many Disney Doughnuts are snack credit eligible on the Disney Dining Plan, they make totally justifiable purchases as a breakfast replacement.  No need to waste a quick service or table service credit that early in the day… your call, of course. This is just a public service to help you make the best use of your dining credits and get a move on in your quest to be first in line for Mine Train.

If these sugar spectacles aren’t sweet enough for you, you could always search out one of the many park locations (such as Vivoli il Gelato) that will balance a doughnut on top of an ice cream shake …what a concept!  (It is a vacation, after all.)

Beth Keating is a regular contributor to DisneyBizJournal.

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