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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Two Disney Restaurants Named to OpenTable’s “Big Night Out” List

by Beth Keating
June 5, 2019

The BOATHOUSE and Raglan Road, two eateries in Disney Springs, have made it onto OpenTable’s list of “100 Best Restaurants in America for a Big Night Out 2019.” According to OpenTable, the dining locales on this year’s list offer “not only exceptional food and drinks but also vibrant bar scenes and lively atmospheres,” and are perfect for those nights calling for a special celebration.

The BOATHOUSE is one of Disney’s signature restaurants, and its waterside location, as well as an impressive array of fresh seafood, an oyster bar, award-winning dishes, nautical décor, and live music, make it a perennial favorite among Disney fans and locals alike. 

The BOATHOUSE is often booked solid if you try to make a reservation through the regular Disney dining app, showing no availability, so a good vacation hack is to side step the Disney dining reservations line altogether, and go directly to OpenTable. We tried for weeks to get a reservation last year on the Disney site, until a friend said, “Try direct through OpenTable.”  Viola! There was the coveted reservation, and in a time slot we could live with to boot!

The meal was everything people had hyped it up to be. The seafood was amazing, and the sunset view from the dockside window was incredible. Our very knowledgeable waitress guided our choice of oysters, from the largest selection in Florida, and carefully shared the nuances of each option. Even the seafood adverse members of our group were happy with their land-based entrees.   

(Also, check out DisneyBizJournal's earlier review of The BOATHOUSE here.)

Raglan Road, the second Disney Springs hot spot recorded on this year’s list, is an Irish Pub steered by new executive chef and Ireland native Mark O’Neill. It showcases contemporary and creative Irish dishes, as well as nightly live music and traditional Irish dancing.  The 130-year-old bars themselves were built in Dublin by master craftsmen using Irish woods, and imported from Ireland as a centerpiece for the Disney Springs location. The crowd at this popular venue has a good time…and you can tell how much fun they are having by the sounds of laughter and singing spilling out onto the sidewalk. The Irish aren’t typically known for their desserts, but the Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding here regularly gets rave reviews.

The Big Night Out list is based on diner feedback from more than 12 million diner reviews of over 30,000 restaurants, verified from reviews in early 2019.  Released just in time for summer dining, the list features restaurants in 19 states and Washington, D.C.  The Disney Springs locations are two of Florida’s seven honorees.

Beth Keating is a regular contributor to DisneyBizJournal.

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