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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Paid Fastpass Program on the Way to Disneyland Paris

by Beth Keating



July 8, 2021


While FastPasses at Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California are still on hold, Disneyland Paris has announced the debut of a new “Premier Access” Fastpass program.


According to Disneyland Paris, “Disney Premier Access is a paid service that gives you speedy access to some of our most popular attractions thanks to a dedicated fast lane.”  The program replaces the formerly free FASTPASS program.


Disney Premier Access, debuting this summer, will be available for Big Thunder Mountain; Peter Pan's Flight; Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy; Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast; Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain; Star Tours: l'Aventure continue; The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; and Autopia.


The limited availability option will cost between €8 to €15 (roughly $9-$18 dollars) per attraction, with the price per Guest and attraction varying according to the attraction and the day of visit.  Guests can access the program via the official Disneyland Paris app on their phones, or in person at City Hall or Studio Services, and will be able to see the attractions that are available during their visit via the app.   


“Once you're in the Disney Parks, choose an attraction and select the Guests that want to ride. You'll be offered a time slot, depending on availability,” instructs Disney. “After you've paid, head to the dedicated line of the attraction during your allocated time slot and present your QR codes (in the ‘My Disney Premier Access’ section of the app).”


Guests must be inside the park to participate in the Premier Access program, and can either purchase Premier Access through the official Disneyland Paris app, or from a Cast Member, again, at City Hall or Studio Services. Guests do not need a smart phone to participate in the program, but can work directly with Cast Members to make purchases.  Disney Premier Access is valid only on the day of purchase. There are a limited number of Disney Premier Access spots available for each time slot.


Guests can only buy Disney Premier Access for one attraction at a time. If they would like to buy Premier Access for another attraction, the Guest needs to make a separate purchase, select the attraction they want to ride, and if there are time slots available, complete the purchase. 


According to Disneyland Paris, Guests can “buy a maximum of 3 Disney Premier Access for each attraction per Guest per day, and up to 12 Disney Premier Access for one attraction and one time slot at a time, depending upon availability.”


In addition to the new fee-based program, Disneyland Paris is also offering a “Standby Pass,” a free option that allows guests to sign up for a virtual queue so they can experience other attractions while waiting their turn at the first attraction. It does not guarantee immediate access to the ride when your turn comes, however.  The service will be activated during certain times of the day, and will be dependent on day-to-day needs in the parks. The Disneyland Paris app also will be the vehicle to book a Standby Pass with a specific return time. 


In Florida, Disney World’s FastPass+ system did not return when the theme parks reopened post-COVID closures last summer. There, the program allowed guests to pre-book up to three FastPasses per day for free, and once those passes were used, guests could select additional passes, one at a time, pending ride availability. In California, both traditional and paid FASTPASS programs exist. Disneyland California’s MaxPass is a $20 a day program that mixes the ability to make Disney FASTPASS choices with unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day. Both the Florida and California FastPass programs are currently suspended, however. No word yet on their return.


Additional information on the new Disney Premier Access program may be found on the Disneyland Paris website.




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