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Friday, July 2, 2021

Raglan Road: Irish Food and Entertainment at Its Best

 by Ray Keating



July 2, 2021


So, where does a guy with the last name “Keating” go for dinner on his birthday at Disney Springs? Not surprisingly, I chose Raglan Road: Irish Pub and Restaurant. While walking by many times, I had never entered Raglan Road. It was time to give it a try. This writer of Irish descent enjoyed the entire experience.

Raglan Road is a place filled with conversation, Irish music, friendly bartenders, a wide choice of beverages, and excellent food. This is an Irish establishment as it should be.


When I arrived two performers – with guitar and violin in hand – were serving up some classic Irish tunes, and the bartender poured a pint of the TriWishes Grand Irish Red Ale, from the Raglan Road Signature Collection. Can one call an ale smooth and full-bodied? Well, I am.

But then came the Irish dancers, who were wonderful and energized the room, and the food menu. Now, it’s fair to say that the Irish aren’t exactly known for their fine cuisine – or at least, one could have said that years ago. No longer, and that is clear by the food offered at Raglan Road.

I began things with the Kiss Before Shrimp appetizer. How to describe this pan-seared shrimp in a garlic, chile and lemon butter sauce, along with a sliced baguette? The phrase “freakin’ awesome” comes to mind (hey, I’m of Irish descent from New York). I used up all of the bread, and got a little more, trying to gather up and enjoy all of this spicy sauce. The bartender said that some people will drink the remaining sauce, and well, yeah, I get that.

Many options for the main course caught my eye, but I had to go for the Fish & Chips. The huge North Atlantic cod fillet was done to perfection, with the beer battered coating sweet and crispy. It will be difficult for me to choose something else the next time I visit.

Oh, and before I forget, Raglan Road has the most unique Irish soda bread I’ve ever had. Indeed, just forget everything you’ve known about Irish soda bread. This bread was completely different. It’s brown and full-flavored, accompanied by a wonderful, sweet Guinness reduction dipping sauce.

I was asked about dessert? It would have been impossible to eat any more. But like I mentioned earlier, there will be a next time at Raglan Road – indeed, many more visits. Raglan Road does Irish right.




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