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Friday, April 29, 2022

Oyster Beignet Po’ Boy Excels at Port Orleans – French Quarter

 by Ray Keating



April 29, 2022


I’ve had a strange relationship with New Orleans. I had the privilege to speak at two events there over the years, but I’ve never been a big enthusiast of the city. However, I do love the excellent food and the jazz, and the hotels are quite nice … which, well, might make me an enthusiast for New Orleans.


Anyway, while I work out my personal issues with New Orleans, I do give a clear-headed thumbs up to Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter. I love the décor and feel of the place. 

And then there’s my first visit to Scat Cat’s Club – Lounge. This is a bar with specialty cocktails and tantalizing appetizers. Live jazz can be heard on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t there at the right time for live jazz, but I did have the Oyster Beignet Po’ Boy. Make no mistake, while listed as an appetizer, this is a meal, and an excellent one at that. It offers fried oysters with lettuce, tomato, pickles and Cajun remoulade, all on – now get this – a Mickey-shaped Beignet.


The Mickey Beignet was soft and sweet, and the oyster was outstanding – crunchy, tender, and nicely seasoned. This sandwich is one of the best I’ve had on Disney property, and it makes any visit to the Port Orleans – French Quarter worthwhile.


For good measure, the homemade chips were thick and quite tasty.

Now, I just have to return to Scat Cat’s Club – Lounge either on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night to have this sandwich, once more, while some live jazz takes the stage. Good food, hopefully good music, and a nice hotel – very New Orleans. See, me and the Big Easy, we’re workin’ it out.




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