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Friday, November 18, 2022

Disney Cruise Line Acquires “Global Dream”

 by Beth Keating



November 18, 2022


Disney cruise fans all seem to have their favorite ship in Disney’s fleet, but they will soon have an even bigger ship to choose from. The Disney Cruise Line has announced that it will acquire the unfinished Global Dream cruise ship, bringing their future fleet to a total of eight ships.


The 208,000-gross-ton Global Dream has been under construction in Germany since 2018, and was being built for Genting Hong Kong (Dream Cruises), which filed for bankruptcy, forcing a court-ordered sale of its assets, including the Global Dream. According to Disney, they were then able to acquire the ship “at a favorable price.”

Source: Disney Cruise Line website

The Global Dream’s capacity is about 9,000 passengers, but Disney Cruise Line plans for a maximum capacity of about 6,000 guests along with 2,300 crew members.  Current Disney ships clock in at 4,000 guests or under, with the newest ship, Disney Wish (2022), at 1,254 staterooms for a 4,000-passenger capacity and 1,555 person crew.  Disney Magic (1998), the first ship in the fleet, was only 875 staterooms with a 2,713-passenger capacity and 950 person crew. The Disney Wonder (1999) had the same capacity as Disney Magic, and both the Disney Dream (2011) and Disney Fantasy (2012) have 1,250 staterooms for a 4,000-passenger capacity and 1,458 person crew. 


The Meyer Werft shipyard in Wismar, Germany, which built the Disney Wish, Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, will continue construction on the Global Dream, which will be renamed as part of Disney’s fleet.  While the Global Dream is slated to take to the high seas in 2025, Disney is also expecting to receive delivery of the Disney Treasure in 2024.  The Treasure is the sister ship to the recently launched Disney Wish.  A third Trident Class ship for Disney’s fleet will head to the water in 2025 under a yet-to-be announced name, before bringing the Global Dream to the team. 


Global Dream will be based outside the United States, but its itinerary has not yet been announced. However, Disney Cruise Line plans to bring the ship to “new global destinations.” Disney has also indicated that the new ship will run on green methanol, one of the first in the cruise industry to use the low-emission fuel. 



Beth Keating is a theme parks, restaurant and entertainment reporter for DisneyBizJournal.

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