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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Sales of Magic Key Passes at Disneyland Resort Resume

 by Beth Keating



January 17, 2023


Disney is following through on a promise made just seven days ago – that Magic Keys (California’s version of annual passes) would be available “from time to time” throughout the year, as “inventory becomes available.” 


That time is now.  Disneyland Resort is once again selling its Magic Key passes, a magical feat that began Tuesday morning at 9:00 am (PT). So jump on it before you lose out if you are one of those guests who has been waiting. The last time the Keys went on sale, they were sold out in a matter of hours.

Currently, the available passes include:

Inspire: $1599
Believe: $1099
Enchant: $699 (Unavailable for new sales, renewals only)

Imagine: $449 (Southern California Residents only)


Blockout dates and varying perks apply for each level, so be sure to check the Key listings carefully…and quickly. Magic Keys are available at the Disneyland websiteand new pass sales are available online only.


According to Disney, Magic Key pass availability is limited, and being in the queue does not guarantee the ability to purchase any Magic Key pass. When they are sold out, they are sold out, regardless of your presence in the queue. 


And here’s a very significant add-on:  Purchasers need to be aware that new pass sales will be paused each night at 10:00 pm (PT). Disney explained that guests will remain in the queue overnight, as long as they remain connected to the network and keep their browser window open. Pass sales will resume no earlier than 9:00 am (PT), the following day.


Guests will have 10 minutes to enter the site when their turn comes up. Entering the site does not guarantee the ability to purchase any Magic Key pass.

As of this writing, wait times were more than an hour. Expect that time to go up, as the Keys are in high demand, and the news of the sales begins to spread.



Beth Keating is a theme parks, restaurant and entertainment reporter for DisneyBizJournal.


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