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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Get Ready for Galaxy’s Edge Streaming

by Beth Keating
May 28, 2019

Unless you’ve been hiding under a porg nest recently, you are no doubt aware that this week marks the opening of the first Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland (May 31st). For some, that is cause for great joy, while for others, there is great gnashing of teeth because they weren’t one of the lucky few who snagged opening week reservations.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

Alas, we feel your pain.  We are not among the chosen ones. We will, however, be living vicariously through the good folks at ResortTV1, who were able to scoop up not just an opening day time slot, but reservations for later in the week as well. As you’ve read here in the past, ResortTV1 has developed new tech that gives them superior live stream capabilities, and they are working to bring opening day to the rest of us off-planet residents during their Friday live stream.

If you’ve tried to watch live streams from Disneyland in the past, you know that Disneyland is notoriously difficult to live stream.  Dead zones make certain areas of the park impossible to cover, but Britt (the ResortTV1 West Coast crew) and Josh and Jenna (the East Coast team) have worked hard to figure it out and get rid of the dreaded lag.  Streaming availability at Galaxy’s Edge is a big unknown at this point, since no one has tried to do it yet.  If anyone will make it work, it will be ResortTV1, and it will be exciting (hopefully) to see how well the new Black Spire outpost is set up to allow live stream and web access.  

Don’t forget that Disney itself will be live streaming the special dedication ceremony on the Disney Parks Blog on May 29that 8:20 PDT/11:20 pm EDT.

Beth Keating is a regular contributor to DisneyBizJournal.

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