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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Disney-Related Streaming Recommendations for Your Weekend

assembled by Beth Keating
May 4, 2019

Here are a couple Disney-related video streaming recommendations to check out over the weekend.

You may have seen our recent post on the creative technology that ResortTV1 is bringing to the table in the live streaming arena.  They are developing new tech that allows them to seamlessly switch not only from park location to park location within Disney World, but from coast to coast, transferring live instantly from the World on Florida's east coast to the Land in California on the West Coast.  Now, ResortTV1 is bringing you another coast to coast adventure, and we can't wait to see it!  On Friday, May 31st, ResortTV1 will be live streaming the opening day of Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, followed by a live stream on August 29th of the opening of Galaxy's Edge in Disney World. 

On May 3rd, ResortTV1 also hit a milestone in becoming number one on live trending (they hit more than 2100 viewers watching live that evening). 

Water Rescue Equipment
This week, Rob at "Passport to the Parks" speculated on the appearance of some new equipment at Disney World, providing great multi-day video of the custom pieces that are slated to be used for water rescue evacuations for the upcoming gondola systems over Hourglass Lake. (Water rescues for the new system have been an ongoing source of concern and speculation for future riders.)  If you've been following the gondola progress at all, you'll know that Rob has been ahead of the story with interesting, exclusive video on the gondolas since the very beginning.  We have a link to the newest video, but if you are interested in the gondola system (slated to open by Fall 2019), it is worth keeping an eye on Rob's videos.  He doesn't just provide unique video of the systems and their unveilings, but offers a few technical explanations of the operations along the way, in a very conversational and visitor-friendly format.  He's certainly become "the gondola guy!" 

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