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Friday, December 25, 2020

Walt Disney on Christmas

 by Ray Keating

Feature Story


December 25, 2020


Walt Disney often served up insights and wisdom well worth considering on a variety of topics. That includes on Christmas.

Consider the following…


“When my little daughters confront me with the question, I shall say without a twinge, ‘Of course there is.’ Long live Santa Claus!” – Walt Disney 


“At Disneyland, we do our Christmas planning early—looking forward to it like a lot of happy kids. Every Christmas season, thousands of children and their families line the curbs of Disneyland’s Main Street, making it the happiest street in the world.” – Walt Disney 


“One reason the Christmas season appeals to me is that it makes us suspend business-as-usual routine and let our minds soar for a while. Christmas seems to release even the most solemn of us from the Scrooge realism that occasionally besets all of us. It is natural, of course, that I should think of Christmas in terms of imagination, for imagination is my business.” – Walt Disney 


“Deeds, rather than words, express my concept of the part religion should play in everyday life. I have watched constantly that in our movie work the highest moral and spiritual standards are upheld, whether it deals with fable or with stories of living action.” – Walt Disney 


Here’s to a blessed and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!




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