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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Disney Cruise Line Cancels Additional Sailings

 by Beth Keating



February 24, 2021


Put your cruise wear away for now, Disney Fans. Disney Cruise Line is among the companies who have postponed additional May sailings as COVID continues to stymie the return to the open seas. They have cancelled all sailings departing through May 2021.

In a challenge of one-step-forward, two-steps-back, Disney has seen some of their parks, including Hong Kong, adding back missing days and extending hours, while other sectors of their business, including cruises, have taken another hit.


From Port Canaveral: The Disney Fantasy will not sail until at least June 2, and the Disney Dream is not expected to sail until after June 4. 


From Other Ports: The Disney Magic’s European season tours are docked until at least August 10, “given the likelihood of international borders remaining closed for an extended period of time.”  The Disney Wonder’s Alaska cruises are also impacted, since they operate through Canadian departures, and Canada’s ports are closed until February 28, 2022 for ships with more than 100 passengers.  Disney cautions, “We are evaluating various options for the Disney Wonder’s scheduled season in Alaska. Once a decision is made, we will reach out to Guests booked on these sailings.”

The Disney Fantasy, due to set sail July 22-31 on a longer cruise, has also temporarily docked that itinerary. “Based on the conditional sail order provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Disney Cruise Line must cancel sailings longer than 7 nights,” according to today’s advisory.


Disney Cruise Line is contacting passengers impacted by these changes. Guests booked on affected sailings with paid in full reservations can choose a cruise credit to be used for a future sailing or a full refund. Guests who are not yet paid in full will automatically receive a refund.


You can also contact your travel agent for assistance with rebookings and refunds.


As this is a continually and quickly evolving situation, be sure to check the Disney Cruise Line’s website for the most up-to-date changes.




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