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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Disney World To Celebrate Fiftieth Birthday Beginning October 1

 by Beth Keating



February 23, 2021


Most of us get a single day to celebrate our birthdays. If we are little, and really lucky, maybe we parlay it into two or three days: our actual birthday, the “party with friends” day, and a “family party” day.  If you’re Disney World, though, you stretch it into a year and a half!

Beginning October 1, 2021, Disney World will be honoring the October 1, 1971, opening of the most magical place on earth with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration,” saluting the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom’s first day.

Party decorations are important at any celebration, and Disney knows how to decorate on a grand scale. The four park icons will get a stunning makeover, becoming “Beacons of Magic,” with the recently repainted Cinderella Castle receiving new gold bunting, sparkling golden embellishments and a 50th anniversary crest, as well as a sprinkling of pixie dust at night. Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life will glow in the evenings as “magical fireflies gather to usher in the magic of nature.” Hollywood Studios will evoke “the golden age of imagination and adventure.” And EPCOT will get a lasting transformation when new lights resembling stars in the sky will light up Spaceship Earth, a change that will permanently illuminate the park at night.

Mickey and Minnie have hundreds of different outfits in their closets, and their most recent “party clothes” were a unique polka dot ensemble. For this magical birthday celebration, they will be dressed in “sparkling new looks, custom-made for this special occasion. Highlights of these celebratory designs include beautifully embroidered impressions of Cinderella Castle backed by fireworks, as well as a brocade in multi-toned, EARidescent fabric – all punctuated with pops of gold.”


Disney is planning to share more details about The World’s Most Magical Celebration in the coming months, including new events and entertainment that will take place during the 18-month-long festivities. Check in at the Disney Parks Blog or the Disney Parks website for future details. You can also sign up for your own email updates on the Disney Parks website.




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